Trained masseuse – Reflexology

Classic massage, deep tissue massage, relaxing massage, lymphatic massage, massage with elements of reflexology, Japanese massage and dry cupping.

Classic massage combined with dry cupping – a safe and effective treatment to relieve muscle tension
Classic massage combined with dry cupping is a safe, traditional form of treatment that relieves chronic muscle tension and pain faster than massage alone. In dry cupping, the cups are pressed into the skin, which creates a vacuum inside the cup. The vacuum absorbs the skin in the soft tissue cup, which makes the treatment very effective. During the treatment, the cups are placed along the back and the cup is left in the places where it is needed for several minutes. The dry cupping is combined during the same treatment with classic massage or, if necessary, with lymphatic massage.

The treatment improves blood circulation and metabolism as well as relieves pain and reduces muscle tension. The vacuum technology also makes the skin smoother and softer and the classic massage complements the effects of cupping. The treatment relaxes both body and soul. The treatment can also be used to tighten the skin on the face, as it stimulates the metabolism and thus also the regeneration of the skin.

You can choose between the following treatments:

30 min, back and neck massage + dry cupping
35 min, Facial cupping massage
45 min back, neck and foot massage + dry cupping
60 min full body massage + dry cupping
90 min full body massage + dry cupping

I accept E-passi and Edenred.